Welcome to Fiesta Flamenco, the only flamenco dance school in Lincolnshire.

With names like Joaquin Cortes and Sara Baras bursting onto the scenes flamenco has exploded in popularity throughout the world. Thousands of people have discovered that rather than waning with time, an initially casual interest has developed into an enduring fascination with the sensuality, passion and intensity of the dance.

You use every part of the body when dancing flamenco, and co-ordinating hands, arms, feet, legs and your upper body while dancing with your face is quite a challenge. But it is excellent exercise and you leave your troubles in the changing room: there is simply not enough space in your head for more than the dance youíre learning. 
You will love flamenco.  Itís another world; dark, passionate, mysterious and beautiful with a language of its own.  And you may be surprised by the number of people with whom you have so much in common.
So, whether you are a keen dancer, an absolute beginner or youíre looking for an exercise class with a difference; flamenco has it all.  Read more....


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